As early as 1862, Silverton parents began to join together to form Evergreen School District. By 1864 money was cooperatively raised and by 1865, Evergreen School was erected at its present location. According to L.F. Mascher, one of the school’s founders, “the district originally reached from the Abiqua to a point a mile south of Drift Creek to Silver Creek on the north side, and by the Pudding River on the west side.”

From the very beginning, parents involved with Evergreen desired a quality education for their children and worked together to make Evergreen a reality. Money for the building was raised by subscription- meaning that families living within Evergreen’s boundaries raised money, in the amount of $310 to build the school. When it was realized that the cost of the school did not include blackboards, a parent willingly donated the five dollars necessary for the school to begin. Later, June Drake, Silverton’s beloved photographer, raised money to build a boardwalk made up of 2 x 12 boards laid side by side the entire two miles from Silverton to school so students wouldn’t have to walk in the mud.

Although in the early days Evergreen housed only 23 students, today the school averages 80. Evergreen School District unified with other Silverton High School feeder schools on July 1, 1997 and is now part of the Silver Falls School District. Despite the changes in boundaries and enrollment, Evergreen’s parents continue to stand together for a small school that has provided a quality education for over 100 years.