What are Evergreen’s transfer policies? In-district: Silver Falls School District has an open enrollment philosophy based on space availability. Requests for transfers are to be initiated at the child’s home school. Once the in-district transfer request is received, the receiving principal will consider the reason for the request and the impact it may have on the current enrollment of the school. The principal may request a meeting with the parent and student to further evaluate the situation. A waiting list is available if the request exceeds the maximum number of students allowed. Out-of-district: Transfers for students not residing in the Silver Falls School District must be handled through their resident school district. Once the request is received by Silver Falls, the above “In-district” procedures will be followed. What’s the best way to get information?

  • Here on the website!
  • You may also call us at school 503-873-4845 or our Secretary Lisa Kuenzi at Victor Point School 503-873-4987. Please note that as we no longer have a full time secretary at Evergreen, you may get voicemail during the instructional day. If you have an emergency, please call back immediately.
  • We may call you through our automated One Call Now system. If you’d like to add additional phone numbers to that, please click on the One Call banner through the Parent Links button in the “For Parents” menu at the top of the page.

What is our school schedule?

  • Teachers are here 7:30-3:30.
  • We open the doors at 8:15 and class begins promptly at 8:30. We are providing outside supervision from 8:00-8:15, but we cannot open doors prior to 8:15.
  • School is out at 2:45. If we have children who are not picked up, teachers will bring them back in the building and you can come in and retrieve them. We can not leave children outside waiting for cars unattended.

Where can you volunteer?

  • Some parents have expressed concerns that we no longer allow parents to help in our classrooms. That is inaccurate information. While we do have to enforce Oregon State Law around delivery of instruction and assessment, there are many things parents can do in the classroom outside of instruction and assessment. If you have questions as to how you can help, please contact your child’s teacher or the principal.
  • In addition to our classrooms we have a parent/teacher club known as EPTC. Meetings are held monthly and are posted on our school calendar. We would love to have you join us in assisting with upcoming events and projects.

How do I access the School?

  • All visitors must use the main doors and sign in. Just inside Mrs. Potter’s room is a visitor sign in sheet and visitor badges. Please use these. Teachers are instructed to send visitors back to Mrs. Potter if they show up without them. We know this is an inconvenience, but please understand that we are required to keep accurate records of who is coming and going even if we know you and/or are expecting you.
  • The playground gates are locked when the school day starts and unlocked when it ends. Though our fence doesn’t actually enclose our kids, this is to deter visitors from accessing your kids without our knowledge.
  • The play shed is locked at the end of the school day and opened at beginning. This became necessary as unsanitary activities began happening in there at night that we don’t want your children exposed to the next morning. If you would like to use the facility after hours, please check out a key from us!
  • If you need to pick up your child early, please let Mrs. Potter know and wait in the foyer. She will send for your child and take care of the appropriate documentation for you.

What about Lockdown Procedures? We have not gone into lockdown at Evergreen and while we hope to continue that trend, it’s important that you understand how the system works just in case. Generally we will be placed on lockdown as a precaution and there is no tangible threat. An example would be police looking for someone in the area or a violent crime reported in close proximity to the school. If this happens you will get a call notifying you that we are in lockdown. Please DO NOT come to the school or call the school. We have one line and need to be able to communicate with law enforcement and our District Office. If you come here, we cannot let you in. Lockdown means all exterior doors are locked and nobody comes or goes. You will get a call from me as soon as I know what is happening with specific information and I will continue to call and update you until lockdown is lifted. If this should happen, as it has at several schools in the past, please don’t panic. These situations are pretty common and are almost always entirely precautionary.