jamieIt has been a wonderful start to the school year. I have really enjoyed getting to know the parents, students, and staff at Evergreen School. I’m thankful every day to have the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing school. I’m working on learning all of the students names and it is my goal to be in their classroom every day. In this short time I have been a part of the school It is apparent why it is such a successful learning environment. The staff is relentless with their approach to each and every day. They don’t waste a minute and they work hard to give our students everything they need to be successful. Thanks for all of the warm welcomes as well. I look forward to get to know each one of you. Thanks to all of the parents and students who showed up at the school wide clean up night. It blew me away the amount of people who came out to get the school sparkling for day one. It was an AWESOME night.